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At TNK Fragrances, we take pride in being a distinguished provider of a diverse range of pure organic Attars (Itar), Rose water, and Natural Essential Oils. Explore our world of fine classic fragrances, where each product is crafted with over 150 years of expertise as a family-owned Attar manufacturing and sales company.

Our Commitment to Quality and Tradition:
Fragrance has the power to create lasting memories and emotions. At TNK Fragrances, we reinvent your fragrance experience by offering enduring appeal through fine-quality attars. Our trained professionals, equipped research and testing facilities, and a rich heritage drive us to support sustainability and create masterful blends using all-natural ingredients.

Aromatherapy and Aromaphytocare:
Aromatherapy, combined with phytotherapy, is at the heart of our creations. Our Attars are more than just fragrances; they are infused with the botanical benefits of plants, providing both a sensory delight and skin care benefits. Immerse yourself in the world of Aromaphytocare with our high-quality, non-toxic, and completely natural products.

Attar Categories for Every Season:
Explore our diverse range of attars categorized for different seasons and preferences. From Winter Favorites like Musk and Amber to the Summer Sensations of Rose and Jasmine, we offer a wide selection to suit every taste.

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Masterful Blends and Combinations:
TNK Fragrances dominates not only the classic attar range but also excels in masterful blends. Our products feature warm and spicy fragrances, floral melodies, and rich, playful scents. Discover bold combinations like Rose, Blackcurrant, and Pear, which have garnered immense admiration from our valuable consumers.

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Religious Purposes:
Fragrances have the capacity to connect us to the divine. For religious purposes, we offer blends of Rose and Citrus aromas, continuing to share magical and lingering fragrance experiences.

Website: Explore Fragrances for Worship

Dedication to Excellence – Our Values:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Real-time product delivery
  • Best pricing in the industry
  • Highly focused research and development
  • Pure and natural essential oils, attars, and herbal extracts
  • Customized packaging, ensuring orders always arrive in excellent condition

Website: Our Values at TNK Fragrances

How to Apply Attar:

  • Application on skin: Apply a few drops on the wrist and dab.
  • A drop or so can also be applied on the corner of the neck and behind the ear lobe.
  • Application on Clothes: Rub a few drops on fabric for a lasting, lingering fragrance.

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Join us on a journey of scent-spiration at TNK Fragrances – where tradition meets innovation, and every fragrance tells a unique story.

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