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TNK fragrances Germanium Home Diffuser – 12 ML

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TNK fragrances Lemongrass Car Diffuser – 8 ML

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TNK fragrances Sandalwood Car Diffuser – 8 ML

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TNK fragrances Ylang Ylang Home Diffuser – 12 ML

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About Us

Attar can incite us, intrigue us, tickle our emotions and even remind us of amazing memories from the past that we had.
Phytotherapy allows for the natural plant extracts to be extracted from the active molecules, which are then incorporated into the fragrance to provide skin care benefits. In most cases, these plant extracts are non-fragrant. This is where aromatherapy comes in. Aromatherapy treats conditions through the use of aromatic (fragrant) extracts of plants (e.g. essential oils).”
Aromaphytocare, which combines aromatherapy and phytotherapy to infuse fragrance with the botanical benefits of plants
Our Attar can be mixed with massage oil for and used to massage body for relaxation and health. Our High-Quality products are non-toxic and are completely Natural.

Why Choose TNK Fragrance Attar?

Choose TNK Fragrance Attars for an unparalleled sensory journey. Our dedication to quality, affordability & customer satisfaction makes this attar the perfect choice for individuals who seek the timeless beauty of the night-blooming flower in every moment. Elevate your fragrance experience with the best, because you deserve it.

Best Pricing in the Industry

Elevate your sensory experience without compromise. TNK Fragrance Attars offers the best pricing in the industry, ensuring that this unique & enchanting fragrance is accessible to all.

Highly Focused Research & Development

Meticulously crafted through extensive research & development, our  Attars reflects a commitment to capturing the true essence of the night-blooming flower, resulting in a fragrance that is both distinctive & timeless.

Pure & Natural Ingredients

Immerse yourself in the purity of nature with our blend of pure essential oils, attars, & herbal extracts. TNK Fragrance organic Attars is a testament to our dedication to authenticity.


Long Lasting

TNK Fragrance Attars are crafted for longevity, ensuring the captivating scent lingers, leaving a lasting impression.

Real-Time Product Delivery

Experience the convenience of real-time product delivery. Your TNK Fragrance  will reach you promptly, allowing you to embrace its captivating aroma without delay.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our promise of 100% customer satisfaction underscores our commitment to providing not just a product, but an experience that exceeds expectations.


Immerse yourself in the purity of our attar, free from alcohol & parabens. TNK Fragrance Attars is the natural choice for those who seek a safe & genuine fragrance experience.

Roll-On Convenience

The roll-on applicator ensures effortless & precise application, allowing you to carry the enchanting scent of natures with you wherever you go.

Pure Organic

Immerse yourself in the pure organic essence of verities of attar, connecting with nature in every drop.

Aromatic Therapy

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the rich & aromatic fragrances, promoting a sense of elegance & tranquility.


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