Shamama Attar!  What is Shamama Attar? What is the smell of Shamama Attar (ittar)? Attar (ittar)? Why Attar (ittar)?

What is Shamama Attar ?

Shamama Attar (Ittar) has one of the rarest and most unique scented aromas. This fragrance is extracted using a combination of different herbs, flowers, and roots. This masterful blend of aromas creates a unique and most lovely soft woody fragrance. This Attar (Ittar) can also be defined as Nature in your Pocket. One of the best perfume to buy .

TNK fragrances Shamama

Shamama Attar (Ittar) boasts one of the scarcest and most distinctive scents. Our Shamama Attar fragrance is derived form a fusion of various herbs, flowers, and roots. The expert combination of aromas results in an exceptional and delightfully gentle woody fragrance. Shamama Attar (Ittar) can be aptly described as Nature encapsulated in your pocket. Undoubtedly, one of the finest perfumes to acquire

Why shamama Attar (ittar)?

The Uniqueness and excellent quality has made Shamama Attar (ittar) one of the best not just in India but globally. Our consumers all over the world have always loved and welcomed this unique herbal and exotic woody fragrance. They Originality of shamama (ittar) make its one of must try perfume.

What is the smell of Shamama Attar (ittar)?

Shamama Attar (ittar)  include Sandalwood, Agarwood, Henna, Musk, and many other varieties herbs and natural aromatic resources. Our ingredients combine to produce a unique and exotic scent, frequently described as luxurious and captivating. It has A slightly smoky and woody fragrance.

Comprising Sandalwood, Agarwood, Henna, Musk, and various other herbal and natural aromatic components, Shamama Attar (ittar) presents a unique and captivating fragrance.

What is the process of making Shamama Attar (ittar) ?

We formulate Shamama (ittar) through a steam distillation process. This slow extraction process uses different herbs, flowers, and roots. These combinations in Shamama have shown to give it a strong therapeutic property of giving the feeling of relief from acute and chronic pain. TNK fragrances Attar (ittar) can be used Year-Round however, its warm touch works especially well in the winter season. The process of making Shamama (ittar) is slightly tricky and quite interesting. The ingredients should be measured in a specific amount and should be treated differently to get the right aroma during the extraction process. Ingredients like Sandalwood, Agarwood, Henna, Musk, and many other varieties herbs and natural aromatic resources are used to create this Masterful and Truly Unique fragrance of Shamama (ittar).

Why attar ?

The term “attar” refers to a traditional type of perfume or essential oil derived from botanical sources. Here are some reasons why attar is popular and has been used historically:

Pure Ingredients: Attars are typically made using natural ingredients such as flower extracts, essential oils, herbs, and spices. This Lures to individuals who prefer products derived from natural sources.

Luxuriant Fragrance: Attars often have a Well-off and complex fragrance profile due to the combination of various natural aromatic elements. The blending of different notes creates Irreplaceable and captivating scents.

Overall, attars are appreciated for their natural origins, Wide-ranging fragrances, and the cultural and historical aspects associated with their use. They offer an alternative to mass-produced perfumes, appealing to those who seek a more personalized and traditional olfactory experience.