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TNK Fragrance Shamama Attar, 12 ml

Shamama Attar has one of the rarest and most unique scented aromas.
This fragrance is extracted using a combination of different herbs,
flowers, and roots. This masterful blend of aromas creates a unique and
most lovely soft woody fragrance.
This Attar can also be defined as Nature in your Pocket.
Aroma: A slightly smoky and woody fragrance.
Color: Soft yellowish
Shamama attar is formulated using a steam distillation process. This
slow extraction process uses different herbs, flowers, and roots. These
combinations in Shamama have shown to give it a strong therapeutic
property of giving the feeling of relief from acute and chronic pain.
This Attar can be used Year-Round however, its warm touch works
especially well in the winter season.
The process of making Shamama Attar is slightly tricky and quite
interesting. The ingredients should be measured in a specific amount
and should be treated differently to get the right aroma during the
extraction process.
Ingredients like Sandalwood, Agarwood, Henna, Musk, and other Indian
herbs of more than 200+ varieties are used to create this Masterful and
Truly Unique fragrance of Shamama Attar.
The Uniqueness and excellent quality has made Shamama Attar one of
the best not just in India but globally. Our consumers all over the world
have always loved and welcomed this unique herbal and exotic woody

You should definitely try this Year-Round Winner Fragrance to exfoliate
your sensory organs.

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