TNK Fragrance Muskamber natural premium Attar


  • Alcohol Free
  • No chemical spirit
  • Paraben Free
  • Long Lasting Unisex Attar
  • Roll on
  • Gifting packs (available on different sizes and packing)


TNK Fragrance Natural Muskamber Attar

Bring this natural musk amber pure attar for yourself and your loved ones and make
them feel the magic of this unique attar.

  • Aroma: Sweet, Musky, and Earthy.
  • Color: Light shade of brown
  • 100 % free from Alcohol or any chemical spirit.
  • Long Lasting Unisex Attar
  • Roll on
  • Organic and Pure
  • Paraben Free

Musk flower, also called monkeyflower, is mainly found in North America, Australia,
and India. The two main ingredients in musk amber attar are musk flower and amber
oil making it a premium fragrance attar.

It contains many health benefits such as reducing headaches, easing stress, and
improving mood. In addition to benefiting the individual, it is also good for enriching
the overall vibe.

It's warm and spicy after smell makes it suitable for any season and any gender.
Pamper yourself with this unique Muskamber attar and refreshed with its earthy

Additional information


12 ML, 3 ML, 6 ML


Gold (wooden interlock), Gold (wooden top flip), Silver (wooden mini purse), Silver (wooden rose cut), Silver (wooden slider), Silver (wooden top flip), Standard


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