TNK Fragrance Kesar (Zafran) Natural Attar




Saffron Attar is one of the most exclusive aroma blends in the world. This attar is extracted from the base of saffron strands.

Saffron is considered one rarest and costliest spice on earth, it has many medicinal and healing properties. The saffron extract is also considered to cure disorders like depression, PMS, and even acne.

  • Aroma: Strong and Earthy
  • Color: Brown, Yellowish with intense texture
  • 100 % free from Alcohol or any chemical spirit.
  • Long Lasting Unisex Attar
  • Roll on
  • Organic and Pure
  • Paraben Free

Discover this special and exclusive fragrance! Check out this amazing attar only at TNK Fragrances.

Additional information


12 ML, 3 ML, 6 ML


Gold (wooden interlock), Gold (wooden top flip), Silver (wooden mini purse), Silver (wooden rose cut), Silver (wooden slider), Silver (wooden top flip), Standard


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