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TNK Fragrance Ruh Khus (Vetiver) Organic Attar, 12 ml
Ruh Khus Attar: Our Pure and certified Ruh khus attar gets extracted
from the root part of the Indian Khus plant (also called Vetiver attar)
Aroma: It has a nostalgic earthy (forest) like fragrance with a hint of
sweet finishing.
Color: Emerald green
At TNK fragrance, pure organic Khus attar gets extracted using the low
temperature steam distillation process, making it one of the purest and
unaltered Attar.
Ruh Khus can become one of your summer’s favorite fragrances. This
Earthy fragrance lasts really well on the skin and also on your clothes.
Due to its cooling nature and unique root fragrance, this attar creates a
soothing experience on warm days.
Khus (Vetiver Zizanioides), is primarily known as  khus grass in India. The
main component of the khus plant is its powerful roots which are used
in extracting attar and essential oil.
Studies suggest this attar has unique therapeutic properties like,
soothing aroma to calm anxiety and depression. This fragrance creates
a peaceful environment for meditation, helps to focus our minds,
improves sound sleep, and enhances overall well-being

This attar has its religious significance as well, as it is considered pure
and soulful.
TNK organic Ruh Khus attar is a must try to feel relaxed by its soothing

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Ruh Khus

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