Organic Ruh Gulab (Rose) Attar




TNK Fragrance Organic Ruh Gulab (Rose) Attar for Unisex, 12 ml
Ruh Gulab Attar also called Rose fragrance is a natural, pure and
organically formulated attar. Every drop of this divine fragrance is
extracted from petals of seasonal Rose flower.
Aroma: Sweet smell has a slightly fruity finish to it. This sweet note
aroma of flowers embraces gentle and intoxicating love.
Color:  from Blush shade to Transparent
TNK Ruh Gulab Attar (Rose) is made with a traditional distillation
process using clay pots. To prepare this attar, the seasonal Rose flower
petals get freshly plucked and processed in a sterile environment to
avoid any spoilage.
This rich, luxurious and playful attar is a great choice for calming minds
and improving mood. The fresh and sweet fragrance of Gulab attar can
spellbind your body and mind. The beautiful blush attar color adds
beauty to its fragrance.
Ruh Gulab is an excellent choice for the warm summer days, its natural
charm is to create a soothing and cooling experience.

Check out our special Natural Organic Ruh Gulab (Rose) Attar and get
smitten by its playful nature.


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