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TNK Fragrance Traditional Mitti Pure Attar, 12 ml
Mitti Attar or Clay Fragrance can be imagined as a pure heavenly smell of rain
drops in hot and humid weather. This beautiful natural fragrance gets specially
created in clay pots from fresh plant leaves and roots.

This is one of the unique and most loved smells from around the world. This
nostalgic fragrance of nature also  has benefits like help in the healing process by
reducing sensation of pain.

This attar can be used for religious and regular purposes.

Aroma: An excellent combination of earthy and breeziness
Color: Light golden shade
Earthy and pure yet refreshing with a comforting muddy aroma, gives you a 100 %
authentic natural fragrance

The best attar for those who want to improve moods and get peace of mind.
Distilled from the traditional process to ensure that it's original and pure.
Check out our premium traditional Mitti Attar from our organic collection, roll up, and
get ready for your day.

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