Our Kamal Attar is the best attar for women. The Lotus symbolizes divinity; and just like its name, it takes you on a journey through its delicate earthy floral notes, invoking your mind to dive into its spiritual bliss. It has been used for religious purposes since the beginning of time.

TNK Fragrance Pure Lotus Attar, 12 ml

Flowers and plants have been used in aromatherapy for centuries, and now you can use
the lotus attar as part of your signature fragrance blend.

Aroma: Sweet and soft flowers smell that last long!
Color: whitish – Pink ting

Lotus attar, is an exceptional fragrance that comes in many colors like white, rose pink,
yellow, and green. The most common ones are white and pink. This perfume has an
exceptional flowery fragrance with a trace of sweetness to it.
It has also shown to work as an antiseptic, or sedative, and has also been used as a
homeopathic remedy.
Explore our attar range and get ready to be smitten by lotus attar’s aromatic fragrance
for sure.


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