100 % free from Alcohol
● Paraben-Free
● Fragrance: Sweet, Woody, Earthy
● Made from the distillation(Deg Bhapka) process
● Organic Herbal Attar
● Emerald Green Color

Product Description:
At TNK Fragrance, we have made our attar from natural process to avoid any
kind of actinic. This Khus/ Vetiver attar has been captured via the
distillation of the root part of the plant which makes this emerald green
color in nature. From this, we have enabled to extract the attar in its purest
form. This attar is made free of alcohol and paraben, which makes it ever
long in terms of aroma and opulence. Apart from its amenity, you can use it
in the therapeutic, religious, and healing processes.
How to Apply: Placed this attar on your wrist and corner of the neck. And
rub over your outfit for the best result and long-lasting aromatic fragrance.
Extra Tips: This summer roll over this Khus Attar onto your body and elevate your
grooming session a bit more.

Disclaimer: The product shown in the image may vary from the actual
Rooh Khus Attar – Our Pure and certified Rooh khus attar extracted from the root part
of the Khus plant.

Fragrance: Greenish in color attar. It has fragrance that can be best described as
sweet, deep, woody, earthy and smoky.

Suggestive use: This can become one of your summer’s favorite smells. This rich and
playful smell lasts really well on the skin or on your clothes.

How to Apply:
Application on skin: Few drops of attar can be applied on each wrist and dabbed. A
drop or so can also it applied behind ear lobe.
Application on Clothes: Few drops of attar can be applied on the garment you are
wearing for lasting, lingering smell.

Packaging Available: Rs _____ For 1 ml


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