TNK Fragrance Real Kewra Attar, 12ml

Kewra Water gets extracted from the pandanus flowers. These palm-like trees get cultivated in India, have a delicate, floral scent and can also be used to flavor food.

The Kewra also has its beneficial properties such as anti-inflammation, soothing to the skin, and being used in cooking also, which makes it highly worthy.

Aroma: Sweet and Strong

Color: Translucent


Kewra Water, like its attar doesn’t have a strong aroma but has its unique properties. Our all Natural Kewra Water can be applied directly on the skin as a toner,refereshner, soother, As it has absolutely no additional chemicals or preservatives this aromatic water can be used in cooking processes. Kewra water besides hydrating skin also, has medicinal, therapeutic, and healing properties.

Our Kewra water goes through a long process of extraction, filtration and measured mixture preparation before it gets ready for the customers. We make sure each and every step undergoes careful inspection and get catered by experts.

Introduce this masterpiece to your loved ones and let the love and aroma be enhanced.


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