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TNK Fragrance Kesar Chandan ( Saffron, Sandalwood ) Pure Attar, 12 ml
Saffron Sandalwood Attar ( Kesar Chandan) is a type of fragrance used for regular
and religious purposes. It is made of fresh ingredients and a delicate distillation
process which can be used for soothing and calming purposes.
Aroma: A perfect blend of sweet and spicy
Color: Rich golden and a trace of soft yellow.
This Delightful and refreshing fragrance that has fresh and intoxicating tender aroma
of rich saffron and most exquisite sandalwood. This Kesar Chandan attar is a
premium-based aromatic luxury that will add on a positive vibe to your mood and
You can use this to achieve a luxurious feel, it has an aroma of sandalwood and saffron
which gives an expensive feel to the wearer.
The Kesar Chandan Attar can be worn to make you feel calm and serene. Rejuvenating,
refreshing, and healing – the perfect aroma for hot weather and balmy days.
Explore our Kesar Chandar Attar from the Organic collection, apply to get heads turn
wherever you go.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 5 cm

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