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About us

TNK Fragrances

TNK Fragrances, provides a wide range of pure organic Attars (Itar), Rose water and Natural Essential Oils.
Fragrance can have the biggest, yet often subliminal, impact on our memories and emotions. We are reinventing the way you explore our fine classic fragrances and discover the enduring appeal of these fine quality attars. 

TNK, is more that 100 years old family-owned Attar manufacturing and sales company. Our company have trained professionals, equipped research and testing facilities. We together
work with a lot of passion and dedication towards supporting sustainability, and creating
masterful blend of all natural ingredients for an impactful and intoxicating positive experience.

Our Goal is to provide the best Quality, all Natural, 100 % Organic and long Lasting products to our consumes. We believe in striving for positive changes and creating positive emotions
for our consumers. We use traditional steam distillation process to extract and prepare a layered and intoxicating blend that lingers on the skin for hours. Our products go through a rigorous quality inspection before it goes in the hands of our valuable consumers. We make sure to the package our products securely, to well-store the natural fragrance and properties our product for delivery to our consumers.

We provide happiness in the bottle of Attar. We would love to take you with us to a journey of scent-spiration, to uncover a new olfactory favourite.


About us


Attar can incite us, intrigue us, tickle our emotions and even remind us of amazing memories from the past that we had.

Phytotherapy allows for the natural plant extracts to be extracted from the active molecules, which are then incorporated into the fragrance to provide skin care benefits. In most cases, these plant extracts are non-fragrant. This is where aromatherapy comes in. Aromatherapy treats conditions through the use of aromatic (fragrant) extracts of plants (e.g. essential oils).” 

Aromaphytocare, which combines aromatherapy and phytotherapy to infuse fragrance with the botanical benefits of plants

Our Attar can be mixed with massage oil for and used to massage body for relaxation and health. Our High-Quality products are non-toxic and are completely Natural.

About us

Attar Category

Winter Favourites: Musk, Amber, Saffron (Kesar), Oud

Summer Sensations: Rose, Jasmine, Khus, Kewara, Mogra

Flora based Attar: Rose, Kewars, Motia, Gulhania, Chameli, Kadam

Herbal Attar: Mix of Flowers, Herbs and Spice like Amber, Musk Amber and Musk Hina

About us

Masterful Blends and combinations

Our products dominate not only the classic attar range but, also the masterful blend of warm and spicy fragrance opening with refreshing fruity smell, Floral melody blends of jasmine, rose with a powdery ting of vanilla smell. Rich and playful smell like lingering patchouli, sweet citrus, musk makes an alluring combination that lasts really well on the skin.

We received a huge admiration by our valuable consumers for bold combinations like  Rose, Blackcurrant and pear. Combination of sweet floral heart notes, with notes of lingering musky finish and with woody complexities.

The excitement is about something unexpected, about the combination of key ingredients and the freshness and elegance in attar, is what excites us and our consumers.

We also provide our consumers with a blend of essential oils (lemon, patchouli, ginseng, among others), it’s designed to tone, firm and moisturize the skin.

About us

Religious Purposes

“Fragrances have the capacity to connect us to God, hence aiding in Worship”, said Sharon Binyamin Galsurkar, a venerated Jewish Educator. We provide a blend of extracts of Rose and Citrus aromas for religious purposes.

We want to continue sharing the magical and lingering Fragrance experiences. We are one of the leading source of top-grade Attar and essential oils and we are proud of it. With the best quality raw material and world-class production facilities, we manage to market and sell highly effective and best essential oils across the world. Our continued dedication to meeting commitment and excellent performance has gained us a prime position in the market as the renowned Attar and Essential oils Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

About us

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