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Example: Duly mentioned utilized sincerely Duly pointed out .

Many thanks for bringing this to my consideration. Check for popular errors. Use the most effective grammar checker accessible to check out for frequent issues in your textual content. Dully observed, dually famous, duely famous, dualy observed, dooly pointed out.

rn”Dully observed,” “dually noted,” “duely noted,” “dualy famous,” and “dooly famous” are all misspellings of the phrase duly mentioned . “Duly” (pronounced [ doo -lee]) is the adverb kind of the adjective “because of.

“rn”Dully” ([ boring -ee]) is the adverb sort of the adjective “uninteresting,” though “dually” ([ doo -uh-lee]) is the adverb form of the adjective “dual,” neither of which will make perception in this context. “Duely,” “dualy,” and “dooly” are not genuine text. Example: Misspelling of duly mentioned Your request has been dully famous . Your request has been duly famous . Frequently asked thoughts.

Some synonyms and near synonyms of duly observed incorporate:Acknowledged Duly deemed Stage taken Taken into account Taken into thought. Duly noted is normally applied in official and professional contexts (e. g.

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, organization conferences) to signify “properly acknowledged. “It is also employed in everyday speech, but in this context it really is usually remaining employed in a facetious or insincere way to dismiss someone’s thought or opinion.

rn”Dually noted” is a mistake. The proper spelling of the expression is duly observed . It indicates “acknowledged and presented suitable thought.

“It can be applied by itself in reaction to one thing (e. g. , “Duly observed” or as section of a longer sentence (e. g. , “Your viewpoint has been duly mentioned”.

Cite this Scribbr short article. If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or simply click the “Cite this Scribbr post” button to instantly add the quotation to our absolutely free Citation Generator. Useful synonyms for IELTS. Home » IELTS vocabulary » Handy synonyms for IELTS.

In this podcast we glimpse at synonyms you can use for IELTS writing activity two. Due to the fact lexical assets account for 25% of your rating, in accordance to the band descriptors, a bigger degree IELTS band score needs exact, innovative and flexible use as nicely as, of class, a extensive vary of vocabulary. So, is it sufficient to memorize lists of synonyms for generally utilized phrases? Not accurately. Context is quite essential, as are collocations. What are collocationsrnCollocations are text that are used collectively not for any distinct grammatical motive, but somewhat mainly because by use over time they “healthy” alongside one another.

This is why we can say that a metropolis is substantial or tremendous but we are quite not likely to say that it is considerable. You can conveniently explore which phrases collocate by seeking online. For case in point, you can form the word collocation and diverse assets which include on line dictionaries will pop up. Or you can type the term in a sentence and many various examples of how the phrase is utilized will be proven. Why do you need to have to use synonyms?Some words and phrases need to be changed with synonyms mainly because they are imprecise and rather lower level . Examples of this are: good, terrible, massive, tiny and pleasant. It is suitable to say, “Fossil fuels are terrible for the ecosystem,” but it lacks the sophistication you would anticipate to see in a higher stage remedy. Below, we would favor the word, “damaging” or “harmful. “2. Context is important when applying synonyms for text like, “essential. ” Although “critical” is a synonym, it is inappropriate to say, “Addiction to the world wide web is an important problem of our time. Rather, you could use it as a substitute of “vital” when you use the expression, “It is vital that authorities offer with XYZ…. ” Or, you could use “critical,” or “essential. “3. From time to time you need synonyms to stay away from repetition . This is frequent in essays about small children. It gets to be monotonous to preserve using the phrase “little ones,” but what alternate options can you use? Though a toddler and an adolescent are youngsters, not all kids are toddlers and adolescents, so you are unable to use these words and phrases interchangeably.

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